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Information for 2019 Accepted Students

Itinerary 2019

Fred Jordan Mission Release Form – West Team



OB Guys Packing List 2019

OB Girls Packing List 2019

2019 Object Lesson Assignments

2019 Devotional Assignments

Important deadlines and info regarding OB 2019

Suggestions on Raising Support for OB 2019

Sample Support Letter for Operation Barnabas 2019

2019 OB Support Money and Refund Policy

Reimbursement Request OB 2019

Barnabas Bible Study 2019

Ministry Skills Survey 2019

Release and Medical Health Information 2019

Travel Plans Response Sheet 2019

Travel Information for EAST OB Team 2019

Travel Information for WEST OB Team 2019

2019 OB Shirt Order Form

2019 OB Outfit Info and OB Shirt Size Chart

Information for 2018 OB alumni

Download OB 2018 pictures on PowerPoint.

Alumni Application for OB 2019

alumni application for OB 2019

Ministry Resources

The following documents are resources that have been used on Operation Barnabas teams and are available for your use as well.  Please note that we are unable to provide copyrighted scripts of dramas or speech choirs, or sound tracks of music used.


Holy Books
King of the Jews

Children’s Ministry

34 Things for Little Hands to Do
Children’s Games
List of Songs
Ways to Teach Memory Verses

Resources for Youth Ministry

Starting a Youth Discipleship Group
Clear Conscience Toward Others
Dedication to the Ministry
A Discipled Student

Bible Studies

How to Spend an Hour in Prayer
Principles for Effective Prayer
Problems and Bible Answers
Seven Directive Questions for Devotions
Self Image
Personal Inventory and New Year Accountability
Managing Your Life By Goals
Making Things Right with God